Skin Brightening IV Therapy

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What Does Skin Brightening Treatment Entail?

First, you will receive a consultation with resident Dr Joshua Berkowitz to ensure you are suitable for intravenous therapy.

The duration of your Skin Brightening programme can vary and will be discussed in your consultation. Depending on what you want from the treatment, we would recommend anywhere from 6 to 12 months of weekly Skin Brightening IV drips.

For optimum results, we recommend one or two in-clinic drips a week, with the use of suppositories at home.

Are There Any Side Effects to the Skin Brightening Treatment

Our Skin Brightening IV Drip contains antioxidants that are naturally found in your body, and you can increase your levels of these by consuming certain foods such as garlic, onions, broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables, so the side effects you could receive from intravenous therapy are highly unlikely.

There may be bruising where the drip has been inserted but this will fade and is usually minimal.

All treatments at IV Boost UK are carried out by highly-trained specialists and your Skin Brightening treatment programme will be carefully monitored, both to oversee progression and to ensure your safety and well-being. The exact dosage administered will vary from patient to patient and will be individually tailored to your needs after a thorough discussion of the results you’re hoping to achieve.

What Results Can I Expect from My Skin Brightening IV Treatment?

Results are very patient-dependent, so we can’t guarantee a specific outcome.

However, during your consultation with Dr Joshua Berkowitz, he will assess your suitability and be able to offer an estimation of what results you could expect and the possible duration of your Skin Brightening programme.

We already receive highly satisfactory feedback from patients that are committed to their prescribed treatment programmes.

Will My Skin Lightening Results Be Permanent?

Results are not permanent.

So, once you have attained the skin tone you’re hoping to achieve you will be a prescribed a bespoke maintenance programme to follow. In terms of maintaining your results, it can help to avoid the factors that increase antioxidant levels in the skin.

This means avoiding smoking, poor diet and misuse of alcohol, stress, bad sleep patterns and environmental toxins. Obviously avoiding excessive sun exposure is also a must.

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